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Casino Vilamoura
29 to 31 October
01 November
05 and 06 November
12 November
15 November
19 November
26 November
28 November
Casino Monte Gordo
02 November
08 and 09 November
13 November
16 November
22 and 23 November
30 November
Hotel Algarve Casino
04 November
07 November
11 November
14 November
18 November
20 November
21 November
25 November
27 November
29 November
Solverde, SA reserves the right to modify or cancel the terms and conditions of this program without any prior notice.

All prices VAT included

#Millennium #3 a show for the vanguard public will be at the Algarve Casinos and sure to bring moments far ahead of its time.
#Millennium #3 is a visual upgrade that surprises the senses with a perfect playlist, synchronized choreography, third generation dancers and a contemporary and bold space.
Let yourself be surprised by the originality of #Millennium #3 in a mixture of different musical styles: from pop to rock, from club dance to street dance, from urban dance to the unmistakable style of the Solverde shows.
The Millennium "Best Moments” are at the Algarve Casinos. Be connected.


Show only

From 22h30 to 23h30.
Includes 1 Drink - 14 € p.p.

Dinner and Show

Happy Dinner
(from 8h30 p.m.)
Includes starter, fish or meat dish, dessert, coffee and wines from our selection (Fixed Menu) - 30 € p.p.

Tourist Menu (from 8h30 p.m.)
Includes starter, fish or meat dish, dessert, coffee and wine from our selection (Suggestion à la Carte) - 40 € p.p.

Advance booking required.